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WAVE LIGHTING DEVELOP LTD( Guangzhou WAVE Lighting Co.;Ltd. )
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About Us

   WAVE LIGHTING DEVELOP LTD( Guangzhou WAVE Lighting Co.;Ltd. ) is engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, installation and service of lighting equipment. We have technical cooperation with a number or foreign companies with an innovative concept. 
     We are a high-tech enterprise which specializes in stage lights and relatedaccessories, including LED moving head  lights, lamp Moving heads, par light ,wall wash ,Led Curtain, 
   "High quality, credibility and keep the delivery" is the company's business management!

   If you ask me,what is the the most important light in the world?
   The singer and dancer will tell you the truth.
   No light shines love more than Wave lighting’s light.
   It allows universal love and full funny the moment you flip the switch.
   After that ,warmness  and relax around the singer and dancer
   They know how to deliver love with lightness.
   Wave lighting brings
moved, fun ,relax and warmness,
   Let me know what is love.


The Latest
W-MINI B380 (only beam effect)
WB380 (only beam effect)
WG-200W (beam spot wash 3 in 1)
WLEDM-11-2C zoom(big eye)
WG100W-D (Mini 100W LED Spot +ring)
WLEDM-18-3 19*30W
WLEDM-18-2 19*15W
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